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  1. 잘보고가요 답글

    2017.03.03 18:30
  2. 비밀댓글입니다 답글

    2015.05.19 20:52
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    2015.01.24 12:03
  4. 정해욱

    안녕하세요~ 예전에 글올린거보고 문의드리고 싶어서요..
    혹시 i40 네비게이션 예전버전좀 구할수있을까요? 13년1월이라던가 12년 버전으로좀 구하고싶어서요..
    디엠비 버전이 ㅠㅠ 락걸려서 힘드네요..
    있으시면 공유좀 부탁드릴게요~! 제발요! 입니다..! 답글

    2015.01.24 08:51
  5. I was a PGA Teacher and started getting my students with bad backs to do the same, turn back, drop the club and turn through and the speed will happen with a good turn through finish. You will get good distance, a better contact, and be more accurate. Sure, we hit hard at it and every once in a while but most of the time we flub it. But, as we are, we only remember the good one and not the rest of them. I am selling nothing, just saying what the real cause of back pain is, take it or leave it, but you will hit it better by turn back, swing with arms and never the hips, and hit through the ball to a good finish and by slowing it down from a flash to a roar you will have plenty of speed and make a solid hit. As you breathe in lower your hips to the floor.

    2014.10.26 14:51
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    2014.09.10 20:15
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    2014.08.21 11:05
  10. XRumerTest

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    2014.06.01 11:26